WASTELAND - Kaja leijon. The exhibition is curated by Melk

10 MAY- 17 MAY 2014    OPENING 09 MAY 17-21

As part of the new festival for international artist-run spaces, Artist Run, we are happy to invite Melk gallery from Oslo to contribute with an exhibition of Kaja Leijon at KONTORprojects and to participate in a joint opening event and subsequent conference.

Joint opening event with all galleries in the Artist Run festival is on the  9th of Maj 17-21.

Conference Sat. - Sun. May 10-11, 2014 for more info on the festival go to artistrun.net


KONTORprojects is pleased to present the exhibition Wasteland by Kaja Leijon.  This is the first time Kaja Leijon exhibits in Denmark .

Wasteland investigates how our fantasy and imagination is affected by film, and how people in everyday life integrate images from fiction into their own lives. The film attempts to understand how preconceived conceptions influences the way we see and interpret our surroundings.


To see more of Kaja Leijons work visit her website  kajaleijon.com