THE SUMMER OF YES - Fryd Frydendahl 

9 AUGUST- 12 AUGUST 2012

KONTORprojects, Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck og forlaget Luk Bogen are excited to present The Summer of Yes by Fryd Frydendahl (NY-DK, 1984).
The Summer of Yes is a photographic self-portrait with a representation of images from the last four years of Frydendahls photografic universe. Personal Spam, My Heart Belongs To Fernando, Romeoville, and the ongoing project Nephews.
THE SUMMER OF YES is Fryd Frydendahl's second book. Prior to this publication was "Familie Album" a portrait book concerning the former punk venue, "Ungdomshuset". The book was made in collaboration with the Swedish photographer Kajsa Gullberg who also plays a role in "The Summer Of Yes". Gullberg and Frydendahl received the Fogtdahl rejse stipendie and the book was showcased at the spring exhibition at Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Fotografisk Center and most recently at København Museum in the exhibition "Urbane Fælleskaber". Both publications have come to life through Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck.
Fryd Frydendal about her work:
I am drawn by a powerful desire to know things. My drive is to make some sort of sense of the whole.
I look at my own patterns and the attraction to what I choose to photograph, I wonder about, figures that appear in more than one picture, themes that I repeat and sentimental focuses that makes the imagery seem hunting. t is an obsession with pointing at something, and it that way having the power of providing significance.