CITY LINKAGE Art and Culture Fostering Urban Futures

A publication by Michael Ziehl, Carsten Rabe and Till Haupt

KONTORproject is taking part in the publication CITY LINKAGE edited by Michael Ziehl , Carsten Rabe and Till Haupt. 2016 by jovis Verlag GmbH.


How do we want to live together? How can citizens directly participate in city politics? How can we shape cities so that they are livable? These questions are more relevant than ever given current processes of transformation; our cities are rapidly changing as a result of both climate change and globalization. Against this background, City Linkage

illustrates the particular importance of artist-run spaces and self-organized cultural projects for the development of cities. The publication looks back to the City Link Festival in Hamburg nad the international congress "Cities, Culture and Sustainability". Artists, researchers, activists, and theorists introduce practical examples and investigate the degree to which contributions from the arts and cultural sectors can support the manifestation of a sustainable city.