5 JUNE- 13 JUNE   2015     PRIVATE VIEW 5 JUNE 17-20 

Carsten Rabe uses documentary photography to explore the beauty of the ordinary and the present. His motives reflect on our everyday actions and examine people in their living environments. The morbid charm of these scenes highlights the aesthetics of impermanence.

Acting as witness to the remnants of the human will to create, these photographs illustrate the alteration and transformation of society and civilization. Just like archaeological findings, they are part of a larger context. As silent fragments they come to symbolize the glamour of times long gone and its decay. At the same time they uncover a new much more present beauty through the aesthetic view of the camera.

Carsten Rabe belongs to the established generation of artists from Hamburg, centered around the legendary exhibition space Westwerk. He is also one of the forces behind City Link, which has existed since 2012. City Link is an exchange program, which aims to merge cultural environments beyond the institutional framework. In connection with the festival Artist Run, 2014 artists from Hamburg were invited to Copenhagen to exhibit and in fall KONTORprojects together with a larger group of Danish artists presented works in Hamburg. The aim is to develop a large international network, expanding the participating artists 'professionalism and support the two cities' artist-run spaces.