KONTORprojetcs is an artist-run curatorial project. It was founded  2011 in Copenhagen as a platform for our own work and as a way of creating more opportunities for showing contemporary art photography in Copenhagen.


We worked together to develop a unique space that could aid our own careers and help other artists in Copenhagen and from abroad. We felt that the art photography scene in Copenhagen needed a small exhibition space that was managed by artists for artists. A space that supported artists, gave them exposure and allowed them to create innovative work without commercial or institutional limitations.


The aim is to show work that pushes the medium of photography and explores unconventional subject matters and presentation in order to examine what photography can achieve as an art form. It should also foster dialogue and networks that transgress gender, cultures and geographical borders so we expand the knowledge of art photography and strengthen cultural diversity.


KONTORprojects works with both established artists and emerging talent. It is a non-profit organisation, which is funded and kept operational by cultural support, fundraising, voluntary work and personal investment.



Co-directors and founders of KONTORprojects

Louise Bøgelund Saugmann & Jenny Nordquist

Louise Bøgelund Saugmann & Jenny Nordquist